St. Joseph County Resident's over the age of 65, blind, or between the ages of 18 and 65 with mental or physical disabilities will be considered for admission.  The Admission Team/Committee consist of; Administrator, Administrative Assistant, Director of Nursing, Social Service Director/Designee, and the Medical Director, and/or a representative of the aforementioned.  The Admission Team will screen each prospect/referral and his/her records individually to determine if Portage Manor can meet their needs. Out of county prospects/referrals will be considered only if there are more than four openings available.  Applicants with a diagnosis of mental illness must be active clients of the Community Mental Health Center or another local psychiatrist, or be willing to be assessed by and linked with CMHC, who can review medications on a regular basis and authorize hospitalization if necessary. 

Discharge/Transfer Policy 

An involuntary thirty (30) day discharge notice can be issued at any time. Payments must be made on time, facility rules must be followed, and level of care must be met to remain a resident at Portage Manor. Residents who are a threat to themselves and/or others will be transferred for care required at an appropriate facility.  A resident who's medical condition has deteriorated or has become acutely ill will be transferred for care at an appropriate facility.  Resident's have a right to return to Portage Manor after stabilization of medical/psychiatric needs and/or short-term rehab; however, a resident must meet level of care to live at Portage Manor. A resident who wishes to move out or be discharged should contact the Social Services Department for guidance on how to make a smooth transition/discharge plan (see the Resident Rights and Responsibilities for a more complete policy statement on Admission, Transfers, and Discharge Rights).  

Re-Admission Policy

A former resident who has left Portage Manor on a voluntary basis may re-apply for admission. Those who have been involuntarily discharged will be reconsidered after one (1) year. The Admission Team/Committee will consider re-admissions on an individual basis. 


  1. Contact the Social Services/Admission Coordinator to arrange a tour and interview.
  2. Fill out required Prospect Inquiry paperwork (Social Services can help if needed with completing this form). 
  3. Arrange for medical and psychiatric evaluations to be sent to Portage Manor.
  4. To obtain financial assistance you will need to bring verification of all income and assets (Social Security award letter, VA, alimony/child support, cash value of life insurance, bank accounts, stocks, bonds, securities, certificate of deposit, rental property, or other property; all assets). 
  5. When all medical records and financial arrangements have been approved an assessment will be done by a nurse. Then the Admission Team/Committee will decide to approve admission; a date and time of admission will be scheduled.
  6. A physical exam must be completed within 72 hours prior to admission. A TB skin test place or Chest X-Ray completed. A statement of "Free of Communicable Disease" from MD received. Orders from physician for all medications, treatments, diet, and follow up care must be included and signed by physician for admission to Portage Manor Licensed Residential Care Facility.