How to Request a Bin?

Bin Request

If you need a new bin or you need to replace a bin that has been damaged, please contact Borden Waste-Away Services @ 800-683-6801.  

Blue Bag Service

Blue Bag Service is available for those who occasionally have extra recycling that does not fit inside the cart provided. Any recyclables placed into the Blue Bags and set next to the cart will be removed on the regular service day. A box of Blue Bags costs $25 for a box of 25 and can be delivered to your door. 

Second Recycling Cart

Second carts are available for residents who consistently have more recyclables that will not fit into the cart provided. Borden will deliver and then, service a second recycling cart every-other week along side your normal cart service. The second cart is billed directly from Borden on a yearly basis. Please call Borden Waste-Away Services @ 800-683-6801 for more information.