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1. Do my property taxes go towards road construction funding?
2. Who decides which roads are paved each year, and how do they decide?
3. How do I request a Stop, Speed Limit, Street ID or other sign on my road?
4. How do I determine if my property is in the County, City, or Town?
5. How and where do I get a "Children at Play" sign?
6. Do I need a permit to construct or repave my driveway?
7. How do I request a street light?
8. When do I need a Utility Permit?
9. Do I need a permit to build a fence?
10. What permits do I need to build or renovate a home?
11. What is Right-of-Way?
12. What is the Chip and Seal Program?
13. Where can I get a copy of the St. Joseph County Design Standards?
14. What is the Leaf Removal/Pick-Up Program?
15. How would I hook up to city sewer and/or water?
16. What is the Sidewalk Program?
17. How do I get a County Map?
18. May I install a outside basketball hoop in a Cul-de-Sac?
19. Who do I contact about installing a decorative brick mailbox?
20. What are the requirements for a block party, parade, or special event?
21. Can I fill in my roadside swale or ditch?
22. Are there requirements for Over-sized Loads traveling in St. Joseph County?
23. Who do I contact about water ponding by the road?
24. Who do I call to report a pothole?
25. What is the difference between a bridge and a culvert?
26. Who do I contact about damaged sprinkler heads?
27. Who do I contact to get my driveway culvert replaced?
28. Who do I contact to remove a dead animal from the road?
29. How do I request additional snow plowing on my road?
30. Who do I contact about mowing along the road?
31. How do I request a dead tree be removed?
32. What is a HAWK signal?
33. How do I drive in a roundabout?